PBS is a specialist debt Recovery in Dubai UAE, advisory and solutions firm registered in the Dubai International Financial Center where currently we are the only licensed debt collection firm by the financial authority.

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Debt collection agencies are a business or another entity that specializes in debt collection, in other words, these firms pursue debts owed by individuals or businesses in order to recovery the payments. These agencies usually operate as agents of creditors and collect payments on debts for a small fee or percentage of the total amount owed.

PBS provides debt collection services throughout the UK and we are now extending our service into the UAE.

Why use a Debt Collection Agency?

Collecting payment on products and services is essential for companies in order to survive. However not all customers pay back their credit on time. Companies usually don’t have time to make frequent phone calls and write numerous letters to their customer in an effort to collect delinquent debts and as the debt grows older, it becomes more difficult to retrieve. As companies become unsuccessful and are unable to recover payments, hiring a third party debt collection agency is the best option for recovering unpaid debts and increasing a business’s bottom line. Debt collection Agencies work effectively as they illustrate to debtors the seriousness of the matter if non-payment of any account continues. It is known to be one of the best methods of collecting debt.

Peninsula Business Solutions (PBS) is an expert Debt Collection Agency. Our Debt Collectors dependably work to the highest of standards. As debt collectors we are constantly aware of future client connections and are professionals in the way we approach your customers.

We get installment of your past due records utilizing a built up mix of letters, faxes, messages and phone calls each intended for achieving the early settlement of your record. Our accumulation exertion is raised with each endeavour we make to gather your record however the precise procedure we take after is adaptable since every obligation is taken care of independently.

What we can offer our clients

  • Highly skilled and experienced workforce with an extensive knowledge in banking and debt collection
  • Effective debt collection processes that will ensure results
  • Our gracious, yet firm way to deal with debtors that won’t distance the debtor
  • Our dedication to providing highly professional and customized debt collection solutions that maximize bad debt recovery for our clients while preserving their image and reputation

Debt Collection Benefits

  • Increased cash flow – we can help increase your company’s cash flow by recovering debts you have
  • Nationwide service – we provide debt collection services on a nationwide basis so it doesn’t matter
  • Competitive prices – We only charge our clients if recovery is successful
  • Save on resources and money – By hiring a debt collection agency, companies can expect results at a fast rate as these agencies core focus will be trying to contact debtors.
  • It will help you to keep focused on your business – Agencies can take care of all of a company’s payments that are owed to them allowing the company to focus on core services of the business, expanding and finding new clients.
  • Fast Payment – Businesses are practically guaranteed to receive their payments much faster as debt collection agencies will solely specialise in recovery outstanding debts.


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