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Belize – Offshore Company Registration

Belize is the only country in Central and South America with English being its official language. A continental country with diversified and robust national economy, Belize does not stand out as a distinct “tax-haven”. However, it actually is a tax haven, as good as they come.Belize has a modern International Business Companies Act, Trusts Act, Mutual Funds Act and Offshore Banking Act, all geared towards providing the best environment and offshore benefits to the international investor and entrepreneur.

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Another feature that makes a Belize IBC attractive is its flexibility. Only one director and one shareholder are necessary and it may have bearer shares or registered shares, voting or non-voting shares as well as the authorized share capital may or may not have a par value. The IBC may conduct any business that is not prohibited under the laws of Belize save and except for banking, insurance, trust management and collective investments, which requires a license. The IBC may also purchase its own shares and redeem its own shares.

Although the Belize IBC must conduct all its profit earning activities outside Belize, it may lease an office in Belize, obtain the services of Belize professionals and trust companies, keep its company records and hold meetings in Belize, operate an account with a local Banking institution, hold shares in another Belize IBC and own vessels registered in Belize.

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