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Dubai Financial Services Authority – DFSA Authorization Consultant

That Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) authorities and registers institutions and individuals who wish to conduct financial and other related services in DIFC or from the centre. They also regulate and monitor the participants to assess how well they abide by the laws and regulations set out by the authority. They are also able to respond quickly to business needs and any changes or developments that the market exhibits by being able to have the authority to make the rules that will enable them to perform effectively. The regulation procedure is created to best suit DIFC in the highest international standards. The DFSA has set up, and endeavours to keep up, a situation that cultivates the DIFC directing standards of reliability, openness and productivity. It has done so by installing uncompromisingly exclusive expectations in an unmistakable, compact and adaptable administrative system in view of the best global practices that are applicable to a cutting edge worldwide financial centre.

They also pursue other objectives to:

  • Make sure that they are able to successfully cultivate confidence and stability in the financial services industry in the DIFC
  • Evaluate and minimize any systemic risk
  • Prevent or quickly detect and respond to any issues that make cause a negative effect on the reputation of the financial services industry in DIFC or the company as a whole.
  • Ensure protection of its direct, indirect and potential users of the financial services industry.
  • Advance open comprehension of the direction of the financial administrations industry in the DIFC
  • Continuously assess objectives that may be pursued and set under the DIFC law.


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