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PBS UK was established in 2004 that provides complete Debt Solution and is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in the UK to provide Consumer Credit Services. To this day PBS has been able to recover debts from some of the largest local and international companies in the world.

Most UAE Financial Institutions are disappointed through the absence of action when it comes to “Skip” debtors as they take the funds owed from the UAE back to their home countries.  Fortunately PBS has conceived a system which can possibly help all UAE associations recoup their default accounts regardless of how old the obligation is. From our experience, the chances of successfully recovering older debts are much higher. The funds taken by their “Skip” individuals from the UAE are usually taken back to the country of origin so that they can start new lives. Once they have settled into their consistent regime, they will begin to accumulate assets such as buying a new car, home, business, furniture and many other items.

The technique used by PBS enables UAE Financial Institutions to handover their debts to our company which gives us the authority to legally take any action necessary for recovering the entire outstanding amount with the additional sum of the penalty charges placed on the individuals for late payment, through the UK County Courts. PBS utilises the UK parent company jurisdiction to have more leverage and better represent their clients locally and internationally.  PBS is able to effectively represent local government entities, corporate businesses and individuals due to our active approached and methods.  PBS has to ability to handle any form of recovery of any account that belongs to an EU citizen with a dependence upon European Payment Order (EPO). The European Payment Order is only accessible for cross-border cases. It permits citizens and businesses to use a simplified method to enforce uncontested payments.  PBS systems work with the European Payment Order. Creditors have the ability to choose which system they wish to use. One of the biggest benefits of using the European Payment Order is that it is specifically designed to work in multinational circumstances.

EPO provides a simple, cost-effective method of collecting payments from a multinational group of customers. The Regulation allows the free flow of European requests for payment all through the Member States by setting down low standards, submission with which renders unnecessary any moderate procedures in the Member State of implementation before acknowledgment and authorization.

Application of the procedure in civil and commercial matters

The European order for payment procedure applies to civil and commercial matters in cross-border cases, in cases where at least one of the parties lives in an EU country different from the one where the application for an order is made. A “cross-border case” is one in which at least one of the parties is domiciled or habitually resident in a Member State other than the Member State of the court hearing the action. The Regulation applies to all Member States except Denmark.

This technique does not apply to revenue, customer or administrative matters or the obligation of the State for acts and exclusions in the activity of State authority.

The following are also excluded:

  • Matrimonial property administrations.
  • Bankruptcy, procedures identifying with the ending up of ruined organizations or other legitimate persons, legal courses of action, arrangements and undifferentiated from procedures.
  • Social security.
  • Claims emerging from non-contractual commitments, unless they have been the subject of an understanding between the gatherings or there has been an affirmation of obligation or they identify with exchanged obligations emerging from joint responsibility for.


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